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Cross Cause and BMT on Today FM

Conor Hughes of Cross Cause featured on Today FM’s Anton Savage Show, with a nod to BM Transports Involvement in the project.

In Novemeber Ronan and John Connolly of BM Transport partook in a mission to Romania with Cross Cause. BMT’s trucks were filled with bedding, clothes, food and gifts, with Ronan, John and a team of volunteers heading Crosscause.ieto Romanian orphanges to provided some much needed materials.

Cross Cause is a fantastic charity, established by Conor Hughes, who appeared on The Anton Savage Show on Today FM this week. It’s an incredible organisation that BMT, particularly Ronan and John, are incredibly proud to be a part of. Founded in 2003, it ensures that 100% of the funds go to the underprivleged. It’s staffed by self-funded volunteers, and donors are always alerted of where their donations are going.

We are very proud to have provided two trucks, and our two capable drivers, to this exceptional cause.

While speaking with Anton Savage on Today FM, Conor Hughes convinced Savage to get his HGV licence and join the crusade next year. If the radio gig doesn’t work out, Anton, we might have a job here for you.

Have a listen to the full segment below. If you want to learn how you can get involved with Cross Cause, be sure to visit


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