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New TomTom Telematics Tracking System

Always a company to keep one step ahead of the competition when it comes to delivering excellence in customer service, at BM Transport we are pleased to announce the roll out of a new telematic tracking system for our haulage fleet. Delivered by TomTom, the system allows for up to the minute data to be collected by our support staff in the office, meaning that both consignments are fully tracked and that driver safety is maintained. When considering haulage to Ireland from the UK, there can be little doubt that BM Transport provide cutting edge technology in a wide range of fields now, not least following our secure and private tracking system upgrade. Indeed, the use of Tom Tom telematics is not there simply to help us keep an eye on your deliveries, but to allow us to be more reactive to changes as the crop up, especially for multi-drop deliveries which can often change in terms of customer priority.


For our environmentally conscious customers, it is also worth bearing mind that the new Tom Tom telematics system will allow our fleet to be organised in even more fuel-efficient ways, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of each and every delivery we make. Road haulage to Ireland has never been better monitored or more focussed on driver safety, but is has also never been so environmentally friendly thanks to this start of the art global positioning tracking system. Not only will it allow our drivers to plan the next stage of their journey with the full back up of our office staff, but the technology will allow our customers to be updated much more easily than ever before. Need to know exactly when our driver will arrive for a pick up? We now have all of the relevant information at our fingertips.


Posted by BM Transport  Posted on 21 Jul 
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