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Our Partnership with NIBC

Our partnership with NIBC started with tracking our 130 fleet.  As well as location information, we are able to monitor driver performance and measure our CO2 emissions.  The high level of integration and innovation with this solution enables us to access information like such as drivers hours.  Further compliance is met by the capacity to remotely download our tachographs directly into analysis software.  All the telematics and tachograph data also feeds into our Eureka Move It Transport Management.  NIBC’s live in cab camera system has recently been installed across part of the fleet primarily to safeguards our drivers which is key, however the simple addition of side scanners keeps us compliant for Direct Vision Standard.  This entire solution is on one hub.  More recently NIBC have also provided us with one solution for our telecommunications across landlines and mobiles across the British Isles.


Posted by BM Transport  Posted on 02 Jun 
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