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Irish Haulage Company


Irish Haulage Company

At BM Transport Ltd, we understand that road haulage to Ireland from the UK needs some specialist knowledge of the shipping lanes and road networks.

Of course, some Irish haulage companies only have experience with deliveries over the island of Ireland, but we are well used to handling more complex itineraries and logistics which go further afield with time constraints.

As one of the leading Irish haulage companies, we have flatbeds , euroliners and curtainsider trailers in all areas of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland daily.

Transporting loads from the UK

UK-based companies as well as Irish ones commonly need heavy haulage and smaller loads to be picked up from distribution centres in the UK and transporting to Ireland.

As we have bases in both countries, our service offering of road haulage internally in the UK as well into Ireland is second to none. Combining with our depot in Coventry we are able to  fully utilise our trucks and strictly maintain drivers hours regulations while achieving sailings from all ports connecting to Ireland.

We have block bookings on all the major shipping routes to ensure space for our customers freight. For those deliveries which need to be made on time, no matter where in Ireland they might be required, BM Transport are able to deliver.

The Fleet

At BM Transport we boast one of the most up-to-date fleets of lorries and trailers in the country which are recognisable with our distinctive livery.

With a range of trucks that surpasses any of the Irish haulage companies out there, our fleet is capable of handling any and all back loads to Ireland be it flat trailers, extendable trailers, euroliners or curtainsiders.

Haulage Companies Ireland

In terms of haulage companies Ireland has plenty of choice, but few are able to offer the same degree of service levels that BM Transport can.

Our road haulage to Ireland is a service which is offered, for example, 365 days per year, so there is never a reason why a crucial delivery from the UK to Ireland cannot be made.

Our drivers are also tracked by satellite technology, and our traffic planning staff have all had hands on experience of doing the job so are able to monitor and advise drivers to ensure excellent service. Furthermore, our experience support staff are available to contact at any time and our office is manned 24 hours a day to ensure any issues are dealt with immediately.

BM Transport. Your haulage partner.

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