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Extendable Flatbeds


Extendable Flatbed Trailers

At BM Transport Ltd, our modern fleet of road haulage vehicles includes a variety of extendable flatbed trailers. Extendable trailers are very versatile; in that they can haul many different shapes of freight.

Ideally suited for abnormal or long loads including:
Long Steel, Wood, Heavy Industry
Large Concrete structures like bridge beams
Heavy Machinery, Large Construction Elements
Large Industrial Goods, Automotive
Agriculture, Horticulture
Plant Hire, Packaging

Extendable flatbed trailers have the added functionality to be extended in order to accommodate very long material. These have the capability to be extended up to 21 metres long, in lieu of a fixed trailer which is only 13.6 metres long.

Extendable trailers are manufactured from high tensile steel materials using the latest welding methods meaning that they are extremely strong, once constructed. Air and electrical lines are retractable and mounted on steel cables allowing for simplified extension and retraction. Making it a quick job to extend or retract the trailer to suit each specific load. Therefore, heavy loads and abnormal loads – are no problem with this part of the BM Transport haulage fleet.

Allowing our customers complete peace of mind, the extendable trailers we use are durable and mean that deliveries and pickups are completed without incident. Given that many of our Irish-based export customers use extendable flatbeds for their deliveries to the UK and that these need to be transported over the Irish Sea, the choice of extendable flatbed trailers makes perfect sense.

Remember that our UK-based distribution network is ready to pick up another load at the other end. Furthermore, for UK-based companies wishing to make deliveries to Ireland, the reverse can be said.

Just ask one of our friendly and professional staff to make the arrangements for you. We are happy to help, no matter what sort of flatbed you might need to specify.

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