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Low loaders

Used extensively for distribution in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Low Loaders are the ideal vehicle for many road haulage applications. The key advantage of using Low Loaders is the additional height available. As the trailer bed is lower than traditional trailers, it offers the ability to carry legal loads up to 3.6m that conventional trailers could not.

Our fleet is commonly put to use for:

Plant and Machinery.
Concrete slabs and building products.
Concrete, Machinery, Construction Elements.
Vehicle transportation.
Agricultural and Industrial Equipment.

A Low Loader is a semi-trailer that has two drops in trailer height one drop right after the gooseneck and one drop in front of the rear axles. This allows the trailer bed to be extremely low compared to normal trailers.

This allows for abnormal loads, ideally suited for plant and machinery transport as well as your Heavy Haulage requirements.

The flexibility of this kind of road haulage vehicle means that BM Transport is equipped to offer Low Loader Trailers to service the “Vehicle on Vehicle” transportation market. Our multi-axle low loaders are strong and robust trailers and are also used for the transportation of heavy plant and machinery.

Our extendable Low Loader Trailers are strong and robust and can transport a 60 tonne payload, including abnormal, wide, and out of gauge equipment, machinery and plant for all types of industries and agricultural use.

Our Low Loaders are fitted with the latest low-loader equipment, including hydraulic flip ramps, outriggers and heavy-duty winches.

Whatever the load, BM Transport have the trailer to match your requirements; whether it’s for transporting excavators, rubber track machinery, containers, fabricated steel, or civil engineering items. We can offer a full range of extendable trailers from 45’ to 70’,

All of our trailers have air suspension and brakes and are fully serviced and maintained to the highest standard, so you can be rest assured that your load is in safe hands.

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